Ceramill A-TEMP ML
Stained acrylic for temporary restorations
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No mandrel
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The easy-to-machine resin Ceramill A-Temp is ideal for long-term temporaries. Ceramill A-Temp is available as a monochrome ingot as well as a "multilayer" with color gradient from dentin to incisal. Matched A-D shades of the A-Temp ingots to the Zolid DNA generation ensure highest esthetics and reliable, well-known processes. Common milling and grinding tools or polishing pastes can be used for post-processing such as polishing. A-Temp temporaries can be fabricated fully anatomically, but can also be veneered with common crown and bridge resins. They are suitable for checking the fit and functionality of the actual denture before it is fabricated, whereby the tooth-colored material increases the acceptance of the try-in.
  • Highest aesthetics thanks to perfectly matched VITA A-D shades to the Zolid DNA Generation
  • Resin for long-term temporaries with a wearing time of up to three years
  • The new block shape as a solution for smaller restorations and lower storage costs
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