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Artex CR
May Promo -25% Artex CR
The Arcon-Artex for model management, universal diagnosis and therapy
Artex CPR
May Promo -25% Artex CPR
The Arcon base unit
Artex Facebow
May Promo -25% Artex Facebow
Anatomically correct fixation of the cranial-axis relationship in just 2 minutes
Artex CT
May Promo -25% Artex CT
The non-Arcon workhorse – the prosthetic articulator
Splitex - Mounting Articulator
May Promo -25% Splitex - Mounting Articulator
Artex / Splitex Mounting Articulator
Artex - Anterior guidance
May Promo -25% Artex - Anterior guidance
Artex Anterior Guidance - accessory
Splitex - Mounting Articulator - Carbon Version
May Promo -25% Splitex - Mounting Articulator - Carbon Version
Splitex Mounting Articulator, for 126 mm C-Version
Splitex - Master Platform Set
May Promo -25% Splitex - Master Platform Set
For the production of Splitex Counter plates made from surplus stone. Magnetically connects to the Splitex plates.
Artex CN
May Promo -25% Artex CN
The non-Arcon carbon base model. The entry to the world of Artex-Carbon.
For the expert and artistic processing of the “triple-tray technique” by the dental technician
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